Cad Cm 217 Mic Demo Clean Metal Electric Guitar.mp3

CAD CM-217 Mic DEMO (Clean + Metal Electric Guitar)

CAD CM-217 Mic DEMO (Clean + Metal Electric Guitar).mp3

CAD CM-217 Mic Voice DEMO + Acoustic Guitar

CAD CM-217 Mic Voice DEMO + Acoustic Guitar.mp3

Cad CM-217 Microphone Unboxing

Cad CM-217 Microphone Unboxing.mp3

CAD CM217 pair vs Rode NT5 pair.mp3

CAD mic review/test CM217.mp3



CAD Audio CADLive D89 Supercardioid Instrument Microphone Overview | Full Compass.mp3

Horse Coffin

Horse CoffinGenesis.mp3

Leslie mic test 1

Leslie mic test 1CAD CM217 and Audix D6.mp3


Audix i5 vs Cad 12 Microphones by Armand.mp3

Still Into You

Still Into YouParamore .mp3

La Blues Willis

La Blues WillisEl Forastero.mp3

Rose Of Sharyn

Rose Of SharynKillswitch Engage Drum Cover.mp3

Rage Against Machine

Rage Against MachineKilling in the Name of Cover by Chad Garber.mp3

ChaseEverlong By:Foo FightersGuitar Cover.mp3

SeanKyoto feat Sirah (Skrillex)Drum Cover.mp3

Christine and The Queens Christine percussive fingerstyle guitar by Shai Sebbag (2015).mp3

Jordan Everett Friday

Jordan Everett FridayDrum Improv.mp3

天使 feat Desmond Lo

天使 feat Desmond LoJonathan Chow.mp3

L'Ecolier Assassin (Malicorne) guitare fingerstyle par Shaï Sebbag (2016).mp3