Quentin Darrington.mp3

Quentin Darrington

Quentin DarringtonGod and God Alone.mp3

Quentin Earl Darrington

Quentin Earl Darrington"The Impossible Dream".mp3

My Trip to Africa (Tsakalakos)

My Trip to Africa (Tsakalakos)Quentin Earl Darrington.mp3

Wheels of a Dream

Wheels of a DreamRagtime (2010).mp3

Quentin Earl Darrington sings I Have a Lion at BIRDLAND.mp3

And the Gods Heard Her Prayer / Rain.mp3

My Best Friend.mp3

"My Best Friend" feat Jonathan and Quentin Earl Darrington (Written by: Jonathan Reid Gealt).mp3

Quentin Earl Darrington singing "My Baby" written by: Jonathan Reid Gealt.mp3

Darrington's Dalton.mp3

Ragtime (Part 1).mp3

Dream the impossible dream Quentin Earl Darrington.mp3

"Why We Tell the Story" (Once On This Island 2017 Revival) Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.mp3

Never Mind (Tsakalakos)

Never Mind (Tsakalakos)Quentin Earl Darrington.mp3

Quentin Earl Darrington at IMAGES USA.mp3

king of the world.mp3

Steal your Rock'n Roll

Steal your Rock'n RollMemphis.mp3

I Have A Lion @ Birdland.mp3

"God and God Alone" Music Video by Paul Marhoefer.mp3

"Ain't It Wonderful"

"Ain't It Wonderful"The Niko Songbook Performers at The Birdland Jazz Club.mp3

"Comfortable" :: Jan 6 @middlechurch.mp3

Mama Will Provide

Mama Will ProvideAlex Newell 2018.mp3

NYTB Stand By the River (Excerpts).mp3

God and God alone.mp3

Ryann Redmond and Quentin Earl Darrington.mp3

A New Brain

A New BrainWilliam Finn [Part 2].mp3

A New Brain

A New BrainWilliam Finn [Part 1].mp3

A New Brain

A New BrainWilliam Finn [Part 4].mp3

Elizabeth Ufot: Your Daddy's Son-Ragtime

Elizabeth Ufot: Your Daddy's Son-Ragtime.mp3

Wheels of A Dream/Ragtime Broadway on Broadway 2009.mp3

Broadway on Broadway 2009 Wicked

Broadway on Broadway 2009 WickedDee Roscioli "The Wizard and I".mp3

A New Brain

A New BrainWilliam Finn [Part 3].mp3

A New Brain

A New BrainWilliam Finn [Part 5].mp3

King Of The World (From 'Songs For A New World') (Live).mp3

King of the World.mp3

"I Have a Lion" at Birdland.mp3

Tituss Burgess sings "Part of a Painting" by Pasek and Paul.mp3

I Have a Lion (Tsakalakos and Allard)

I Have a Lion (Tsakalakos and Allard)Quentin Earl Darrington.mp3

Pennsylvania Wine by The Grape Gatsby

Pennsylvania Wine by The Grape GatsbyWine Rap.mp3

Somerset Show Choir

Somerset Show Choirwheels of a dream.mp3

Jonathan Reid Gealt's Debut Album "Thirteen Stories Down" Promo Vid (Feat Alysha Umphress).mp3

"My Best Friend" feat Stuart Matthew Price and Jonathan Reid Gealt (London 2013).mp3

"My Best Friend" (feat Michael Deleget and Jonathan Reid Gealt @ The Cutting Room).mp3

Jonathan Reid Gealt's Debut Album "Thirteen Stories Down" Promo Vid (Feat Caissie Levy).mp3

God and God alone.mp3


Monk/Grizzard Mini-Concert

Monk/Grizzard Mini-ConcertPart 1.mp3

Quentin Mitchell "Gethsemane"

Quentin Mitchell "Gethsemane"Andrew Lloyd-Webber /Rice.mp3

Learning to Let Go

Learning to Let GoNorm Lewis.mp3